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at once both prologue and epilogue (2015)


Choreography by Lauren Baines

Performed by Lauren Baines


Venues: Dance Mission Theatre, San Francisco; Anne & Mark's Art Party, San Jose; San Jose State University, San Jose; Lisser Theatre, Oakland.



Photographs by Robert Schultze

Effect|Affect (2013)


Choreography: Lauren Baines

Projection Media & Sound: Matthew Johns


Venue: ZERO1 Garage, San Jose

Program:  BringIt! Series




Photo Credit Bette Linderman
Topographical Study of Swarming Thoughts (2011)

Choreography: Lauren Baines & Dancers

Dancers: Lauren Baines, Claire Calalo, Jessica de Leon


Venue: Dance Mission Theater, SF

Photo Credit Bette Linderman

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Photo by Bette Linderman