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LBD/T in the All-Womxn's Showcase

Lauren Baines Dance/Theatre was delighted to be part of the third All-Womxn's Showcase in downtown San Jose. On Friday, October 6 LBD/T surprised those enjoying South First Friday at Forager Tasting Room & Eatery with a pop-up dance performance. Moving to the music of Little People, a trio of dancers emerged from the venue's table area by standing on chairs. After an introductory movement sequence, we transitioned to the floor and began a connected movement sequence that drew us across the space. In the end, the movement and dancers dissolved back into the regular seating area as if nothing had happened.

On Sunday, October 15, as part of the actual showcase, we were delighted to collaborate with two musician friends Julie Herndon and Stephanie Neumann. Julie and Stephanie began on the official stage, with harmonium, sax, and vocals in hand, and began playing. The dancers started at far ends of the room, slowly making their way to in front of the stage, navigating between the tables, chairs, and guests. The piece was created as a score for musicians and trio of dancers and we hope this is the beginning of some new projects with Julie and Stephanie.

Poster for the All-Womxn's Showcase featuring the name of all performers and artists

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