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Photo from work in progress showing

Photo of Cellista

Residency at Shawl-Anderson Dance Center May-August 2016


We are very much looking forward to our a Seasonal Residency at Shawl-Anderson Dance Center in Berkeley for Summer 2016.


During our time, we will work on several new pieces and a dance film.


Stay tuned for showings and other events during our stay.


Accumulated Disintegration
Work in progress



We are currently in the planning stages for a new work, Accumulated Disintegration, that investigates the line between utopia and dystopia, questioning how little shifts can lead to major changes.


For this new project we're working with collaborators in music and media:

Matthew Johns - Lighitng & Media Designer

Josh Casey - Computer & New Music Composer

Yari Bundy - New Music Composer


Music video w/ local musician Cellista Filming August 2016; release date forthcoming



Lauren Baines Dance/Theatre is collaborating with the wonderful Bay Area artist Cellista (Freya Seeburger) to create choreography for and perform in a music video for her upcoming solo album.


To learn more about the project and album to be released September 2016, please visit the Kickstarter campaign and read the updates at

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